Hycount HyPoxy : One Pack Epoxy System

Project Info

Project Description

Hycount Hypoxy Primer is a one-pack, ready to use, quick drying primer formulated with special epoxy-based resin to get good anti-corrosive epoxy property. The primer is used on metal surfaces. It is easy to apply and sand, provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

  • Colour Range : Grey & Black
  • Finish : Matt
  • Packs : 500 ml, 1 Ltr, 4 Ltr
  • Fire Hazard Class : Flammable
  • Shelf Life : 18 Months


  • Anti-Rust
  • High Strength Bonding
  • Quick Dry
  • High Coverage
  • Smooth Finish


  • Matt Level : 2-10 at 600 GH on a glass plate when released at 300 micron DFT applied by Box coater
  • Coverage (1 Coats) : Approx. 150 sqft. on smooth surface at 080-100μ DFT
  • Viscosity : Brushing 300 c Ford Cup B4
  • Application Method : Brush / Rolller / Spray
  • Drying Time : SD: 20 min @ 28-300 c & 60+/-5RH
  • Flash Point : Approx. 25 0 c (Abel Closed Cup)
  • Recoating Period : 6-8 hrs. (depending upon ambient temperature)
  • Consistency : Smooth, uniform, free flowing 90±10 Sec. at 300 c Ford Cup B4


Direction of Application

Step 1: Prepare surface as given below.

For fresh/new surfaces: Before painting, the surface must be made free of rust, dirt, oil and grease.

For previously painted surfaces: Scraping: Strip all the old paint and remove all loose particles. Prepare the surface by scrubbing with wire brush or Sandpaper No 150/180 to ensure the surface is clean and surface is fully clean and dry,

Step 2: Hycount Hypoxy is to be mixed with 15%-20% NC thinner.

Step 3: Mixed material can be applied to required surface using roller, brush, spray etc.

Step 4: After usage add a small quantity of NC thinner inside the Hycount Hypoxy container, mix and close the tin lid.

Step 5: After surface has dried properly, Epoxy or Enamel based top coat can be painted over it, if required.



Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from source of ignition. Keep container tightly closed, out of children’s reach and away from foodstuff.



Do not pour left over paint down the drain or any watercourse. Dispose in accordance with local regulation


Safety & Precaution

Ensure good ventilation during application and drying of paint. Wear protective clothes and gloves. Smoking is prohibited while painting. Avoid inhaling the vapour. Wear suitable dust nose pads when rubbing the surface.
Wear eye protector during application. In case of contact with eyes, rinse Immediately with plenty of water