Interlocking automatic plant

Hycount Plastics & Chemicals has always been striving hard to bring in best for maintaining its commitment and determination for the quality of pipes being manufactured. We are specialized in the manufacture of high quality uPVC pipes employing the state of the art technology

German Technology of next generation Twin Screw RPVC pipes plant

Produce longer screws having latest heat balancing system to maintain the correct heat thereby yielding high output. This technology with low screw speeds results in low shear stresses, gentle plasticizing and low screw wear.

Vacuum sizing system

The pipes processed in vacuum sizing with water cooling has proved to have better pressure (cost effective on long term) properties and strength than the pipes manufactured with conventional method of cooling. The pipes will have very smooth internal surface which makes the flow more smooth reducing energy tremendously and require less power to drive the flow

Double spider-die technology

Another mile stone Hycount brought in which gives excellent wall thickness to Hycount pipe.