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Hycount Hypond
Hycount Hypond Water Tanks are manufactured using highly sophisticated modern machinery with strict quality control in each and every single stage of manufacturing and we follow the ISO 9001-2008 certification. Hycount Hypond Water Tanks are moulded from 100% Pure Virgin UV stabilised grades of high quality FDA approved food grade polyethylene materials without any joints.
The company manufactures world-class water tanks suitable for various applications. With the entry of Hycount Hypond Water Tanks into the market, the consumers can be assured of keeping clean water clean at all times.
Hycount Hypond comes with an internationally approved British Design for the first time in India, and is made using stainless steel mould. Besides being unique and stylish, Hycount Hypond maintains higher quality water tanks.

• Made of 100% pure virgin food grade FDA approved material
• Double layer / Triple layer
• Very strong and long lasting
• Complete leak-proof and maintenance-free
• Easy to install
• Useful for multi-purposes
• Odour-free and hygienic

Made using high quality polyethylene, Hycount Septic Tanks come in single mould and is free of joints. This technological edge makes the tank leak-resistant and break-resistant. Hycount Septic Tanks do not rust or turn fragile in the long run. Moreover, they do not react with the chemical constituents in the soil. Lightweight, they are easy to handle and install.